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The George A. Jouganatos, Ph.D. Consulting Group provides economic, financial, managerial, operational, statistical,
expert consulting and litigation support services to business, non-profits, government agencies, and attorneys.


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George Jouganatos


George Jouganatos has been a college lecturer for over 27 years. He has taught economics, finance, management, ethics, accounting and quantitative analysis at University of California, Davis, University of California, Santa Cruz, California State University, Sacramento, and University of San Francisco.

He has written and conducted seminars in the fields of the economics of development, political economy, economic history, environmental economics, public policy, operational analysis, and economic modeling and forecasting. Dr. Jouganatos  conducted research at the University of Athens and the Centre of Economic Research and Planning in Athens, Greece, where he conferred with many of the nation’s top economists and political officials. The fruits of the research resulted in a seminal book on the development of the Greek economy. His work on the Greek economy has been cited numerous times. He also engaged in research at the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex.

Since 1991, he works as a consulting economist providing economic and statistical analysis for the private and public sectors. He has written many economic impact, efficiency, cost, and feasibility studies. He has designed economic models, strategic plans, and performance measures.

He is in demand as an expert witness for cases involving personal injury, wrongful death, wrongful termination, employment discrimination, economic loss, business valuations, lost profits, and divorce He has consulted and given testimony for numerous attorneys in California as well as in New York, Nevada, Iowa, Montana, British Columbia, New Mexico, Oregon, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Hawaii. He has consulted in more than 750 cases and for more than 200 law firms.

Dr. Jouganatos also conducts MCLE classes on economic and financial analysis in various types of cases as well as on the effective use of experts in litigation.

DVDs of Dr. Jouganatos' programs presented for the Center for Continuing Education, Economic Analysis in Employment Matters and Economic Analysis in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases may be found here.

His selected clients include California Department of Boating and Waterways, California Resources Agency, California Attorney General, California Department of Finance, California Department of Education, California Department of Transportation, California Department of Justice, California Department of Corrections, Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, City of San Francisco, Harcourt Brace, McGraw-Hill Irwin, Delta Dental of California, General American Investments, Allied Electric Motor, and Bank of New York.

On more than 50 occasions Dr. Jouganatos has provided brief commentaries on economic events and issues for television and radio.

In 2000, he was awarded a Faculty Research Fellows Grant from the Center of California Studies, California State University, Sacramento to analyze land holdings of the state for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research. He was awarded another Faculty Research Fellows Grant from the Center of California Studies, California State University, Sacramento, in 2012. This research, also for the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, involves assessing the implementation of California State Planning Priorities (AB 857 2002).

He is a member of the American Economics Association, Association for Evolutionary Economics,  National Association of Forensic Economics, Sacramento County Bar (associate) and Friends of Mount Athos Society.