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The George A. Jouganatos, Ph.D. Consulting Group provides economic, financial, managerial, operational, statistical,
expert consulting and litigation support services to business, non-profits, government agencies, and attorneys.

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We provide both consultation and expert witness services for plaintiffs and defense in the areas of finance,
economics, and business operations. We work with counsel in the development of strategy and the
evaluation of information in order to provide a balanced assessment of the merits of the case.

  • EMPLOYMENT MATTERS: Evaluation of organizational policies and procedures, performance assessments and other human resource issues. Assessment and calculation of historic and future loss of wages and benefits.

  • PERSONAL INJURY AND WRONGFUL DEATH: Assessment and calculation of historic and present value of future economic loss in wages, benefits, household services and other expenses and damages.

  • TORTS AND CONTRACTS: Evaluation and calculation of economic loss and damages owing to wrongful acts and breach of contracts.

  • ECONOMIC TRENDS: Evaluation of specific economic trends and indices as they pertain to your case.

  • BUSINESS VALUATIONS: Evaluation of the worth of a business and issues relating to lost profits, revenue projection, cost analysis, damages and copyright infringement.


We examine each problem carefully allowing us to cost-effectively fashion each project to meet the client’s objectives,
incorporating schedule and budget constraints. We explain fully our procedures and justify all data used in our analyses.

  • Economic Impact Reports: Evaluation of income, employment, spending, and multiplier effects from projects in order to assess their impacts on the local or regional economies. Implementing Input/Output analysis at the regional level.

  • Efficiency Studies: Assessment of production processes that yield the best results at the lowest cost. The results could lower your costs while improving your productivity

  • Feasibility Studies and Project Selection: Application of benefit/cost and cost effectiveness analyses to determine projects which yield the highest return. Scale, timing, size, staging, choice of discount rate, and cost of capital will be examined.

  • Strategic Planning and Management: Design dynamic operation plans and performance measures, and control management of operations to improve both short-term and long-term economic position.

  • International Economic Analysis: Assessment of the effects of international trade statistics and exchange rates on operations. Evaluation of world lending and economic policy institutions (IMF, World Bank, Central Banks) proposals on your organization
  • Economic Development: Design of economic development policies and plans which would best improve local and regional economies. Assessment of organizational activities on local and regional economies using impact studies and Input/Output analysis. Assessment, evaluation, and design of institutional policies which impact the socioeconomic development of a nation.

  • Environmental Economics: Assessment of the optimal level of pollution abatement. Evaluation of the best method of pollution abatement. Evaluation of economic costs of environmental policies, regulations, and environmental damage.

  • Modeling and Forecasting: Applying econometric, time-series, and other statistical methods to operational plans and decisions. Modeling economic behavior in order to best evaluate impacts of policy proposals on operations. Forecasts of future business and economic trends. Measurement of elasticities. Cost estimation and demand forecasts, price and output determination to maximize profit.
  • Public Policy: Overall assessment of government policies on your operations, industry and economy.


Our approach to solving organizational issues/problems is strategically based. We involve those who must
implement and live with the solutions. We do not recommend complex strategies to resolve straight
forward problems, but we do suggest practical and effective solutions which are cost-effective, work at the
appropriate level and minimize organizational disruption.

  • STRATEGIC PLANNING: Development and implementation of strategic plans including goal and vision development, strategy identification, development of measurable goals and provision of assessment procedures, all designed to improve short and long-term organizational effectiveness and economic position.

  • ORGANIZATIONAL ASSESSMENTS: We provide a clear and comprehensive picture of the organization, or key sub-elements, through design and use of focused interviews with groups or individuals, attitude and/or climate survey instruments, economic and financial analyses etc. Comprehensive analysis and recommendations are provided to improve organizational effectiveness and economic position.

  • INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP FACILITATION: Sometimes problem identification and resolution must be accomplished by dealing with individuals or small groups. We offer skilled facilitators and problem solvers who can work confidentially and effectively to resolve issues at all levels.

  • ORGANIZATIONAL RESTRUCTURING: We provide comprehensive description and analysis of current organizational structures and make recommendations for changes which will enhance effectiveness and align with the core strategic goals of the organization. These projects are always highly collaborative between the consultants and the key members of the organization and accommodate the realities of everyday organizational life as well as the competitive environment.

  • THE SENIOR MANAGEMENT SOUNDING BOARD®: Senior managers often could benefit from the opportunity to discuss strategy, "what-if" scenarios, people problems etc. in a confidential and stimulating environment away from the pressure and scrutiny of every day organizational functioning. We offer such an environment - check the Sounding Board® page.

The Senior Management Sounding Board and Executive Coaching

  • Executives and senior managers make difficult decisions on a daily basis, but the frequency of having to make these decisions does not make it easier. Often, the decision is made immeasurably more difficult by the fact that alternate courses of action must be developed and hypothetically tested without the benefit of input from someone in the organization. Many times "insiders" have a stake in the outcome, may be intimately affected by a certain course of action, or are unable to maintain confidentiality. Even "outsiders" such as legal counsel, close friends, family etc. often cannot provide the impartial assessment of various courses of action because they lack the technical skills or business knowledge to offer balanced assessments of different courses of action.

  • Sometimes the issue is not an immediate decision but rather the need to work through and discuss ideas, strategies, interpersonal relationships, and other issues not appropriate for discussion with "insiders." There is often a need to just work through ideas and their implications in a threat-free, implication-free and confidential way. Our Sounding Board ® service offers managers a forum to test ideas, dry-run solutions to difficult problems, and to just act as impartial sounding boards where the conversation goes no further.

  • We do not claim to have all the "answers" to your difficult or complex problems. What we do offer is the opportunity to help you discuss strategy, assess organizational cost-benefits, play out "what-if" scenarios, and assess ideas in a stimulating and confidential environment. Often the very act of discussion in a comfortable and low key manner stimulates new ideas or leads to solutions that would be unlikely to occur in the usual day-to-day environment of the organization.

  • Our group offers professionals with wide-ranging technical and organizational skills. We are comfortable discussing technical ideas and issues as well as people ideas and issues. We have wide ranging experience with different industries in different countries. We have spent our professional careers applying ideas and technical strategies to real organizations in order to produce excellent bottom line results.